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Eric Atilano

Sr Loan Consultant

A San Diego resident since I was 9yrs old, I’ve grown to love and admire this city. As a seasoned mortgage expert and certified mortgage advisor, I have been navigating the turbulent waters of the Mortgage Business for over 25 years. With a deep understanding of the abrupt changes in the market, I have developed an acute sense for securing the lowest rates and fees for his clients, which stands as his strongest skill set. My extensive career has positioned me working with the Nation’s largest banks and financial companies, assimilating their strengths in sales training. Now the proud owner of my own mortgage brokerage, I aim to deliver these valuable insights directly to you. Beyond my professional life, I’m a seasoned speaker at Comic-Con, serving as the financial advisor to the creatives in the industry. I also spend my time volunteering heavily with my wife, participating in various community involvements. Feel free to reach out to me, as I am eager to learn your home buying and ownership goals, offering the knowledge and expertise that only a seasoned mortgage expert and certified mortgage advisor can provide.

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